Here at Handy Photo Gear, we know that finding and buying that perfect camera is just the start of the journey for a dedicated photographer. To really get the most out of your skills and talent and start producing work of the highest quality, further investments have to be considered. So whether that’s lighting, lenses, further training or something else entirely, we are here to help you decide what products are worth your time and your hard earned cash.


Through our collection of detailed and informative articles, we aim to guide you fully through the process of setting up your studio, with articles that will provide assistance regardless of your style and level of skill, helping you make the transition from amateur to professional as stress-free as possible.


The bulk of this valuable information can be found in the Articles and Reviews section of the site. Here we will guide you through each and every piece of photography equipment, accessory and enhancement available to photographers. You’ll find this section beneficial if you’re here to research a particular product or even if this is completely new to you and you just want to know where to start. We also have a variety of articles that steer away from the topic of photography equipment and onto turning your work into a profitable career and other more general subjects, so there’s something there for even the most established photographer.


We’ll also be taking a look at the latest photography software and plugins. Our helpful articles and reviews will take you through the process of editing your images; from what software to use to perfecting the use of different effects.


In the Techniques section, we’ll look deeper into different creative styles. We’ll explain some common (and not so common) techniques that can be used to achieve different effects in your work. Great if you feel that you’re still experimenting with different photography techniques and searching for your own niche, or if you just want to shake up your usual style.


If you want to expand your photographic knowledge and skills, check out the Online Training section. Here you’ll find summaries and reviews of the different online photography courses available to you and information about the various online training establishments that you could choose study with. Even the most experienced photographers stand to gain from training in something new. For many potential students, carrying out training online is the superior choice as it allows them to train at home or on the go, in their own spare time. Additionally, online photography training are often available for a fraction of the cost of, for example, taking an evening class at your local college.


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So why not take a look around the site and see if anything catches your eye? With a wealth of information in every section, we are sure that you’ll find something that will be of use to you. If you do come across something you think is amazing, we would love it if you would support us by sharing it with your friends and family and letting them all know about website. So read on and we’re sure you’ll find something great today.

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